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Easter Island

  • Easter Island is one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands. It is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean approximately 2200 miles off the coast of Chile. Its closest neighbor that’s inhabited is Pitcaim Island, which is 1,289 miles to the west with fewer than one hundred inhabitants.

  • Easter Island is also called Rapa Nui, or it’s official Spanish name is Isla de Pascua which also means “Easter Island”. The name “Easter Island” was given by the island’s first recorded European visitor, the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who encountered it on Easter Sun-day, April 5, 1722.

  • The island is approximately 15 miles long and 7.6 miles at its widest point. It has an area of only a little over 63 square miles.

  • Easter Island has three extinct volcanoes, the tallest rising to 1674 feet. The island is hilly, almost treeless and is mainly covered with grasses and shrubs.

  • The capital is Hanga Roa.

  • Easter Island has mild winters with cool temperatures year round and abundant precipitation.

  • Official languages are Spanish and Rapa Nui.

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