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I'm Stressed Out About Moving!

Is your family moving this summer or do you know someone that is moving? It’s normal to be scared, excited or even angry about moving to a different location. Moving is also not easy for adults. Whether you, a friend, classmate or neighbor is moving, it’s important to understand how that makes you feel.

People move for many reasons. Some of these reasons include buying a larger home for a growing family, job transfers, or wanting to live in a different city. Worries such as “will I make any friends or find my way in a new school” are not uncommon. It’s important to talk about these feelings with your parents. You will feel much better and they will be happy you shared your feelings with them.

Moving can also be an adventure. Maybe you will have your own room and new places to explore. It helps if you find out about the new place you’re moving to. Is it a house or an apartment?Maybe you can look at it before you move there so you can see your bedroom. If you see kids around where you will live, say hi to them and introduce yourself. They could be future friends!

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