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Down On The Farm

Honey Bees!

People farm with bees for many reasons. Bees are beneficial in-sects because they produce honey, beeswax, and pollinate crops. Anyone can keep bees but there are also problems that go with it. They have the ability to sting!

The farmer needs a suitable location, proper equipment and to find out where to get their bees from a supplier. They also need to learn as much as possible about bees from expert beekeepers and books before they get started.

Let’s talk about bees. They are four-winged, flower feeding in-sects. They have body hairs and enlarged hind feet. Most bees have a stinger! Honeybees and bumble bees are the most common. Bumblebees are larger and stronger than honeybees...

Read more about Honey Bees in today's Down On The Farm!

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