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The S.S. Badger

The S.S. Badger is the largest car ferry ever to sail Lake Michigan, and has pro-vided a safe, fun, and reliable shortcut across the huge inland sea for more than fifty years. As the only coal-fired steamship in operation in the United States, the S.S. Badger operates on domestic fuel, and the company has an extraordinary commitment to maintaining a unique propulsion system that has been designated as a national mechanical engineering landmark. The S.S. Badger offers an authentic steamship experience unmatched anywhere else.

The 410' S.S. Badger entered service in 1953, designed specifically to handle the rough conditions that it would likely en-counter during year around sailing on Lake Michigan. Built primarily to transport railroad freight cars, but with superior passenger accommodations, the Badger reigned as Queen of the Lakes during the car ferries' Golden Era in the late Fifties, with Manitowoc, Milwaukee, and Kewaunee as her Wisconsin ports of call...

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