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What I Want To Be

I Want To Be a Hydrogeologist

What is a hydrogeologist? That is a person who studies the ways that ground water (hydro) moves through the soil and rocks of the earth (geology).

A hydrogeologist is the person who makes and uses laws to be sure we have clean groundwater supplies. Kind of like doctors be-cause they help people stay healthy. When people become sick from contaminated water, they help find the problem and solve it.

Water is an essential part of live on earth and is what people, plants and animals need to survive. It is important that the limited amount of freshwater we have on earth stays safe to drink and use for the many purposes we have for it in everyday life. Think of the many things we use water for. Hydrogeologists oversee the cleanup of spills and contamination. Contaminants in groundwater move through soil and rock...

Read more about what an Hydrogeologist does in today's What I Want To Be!

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