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  • Australia is the world’s largest island! Although this is the largest island, Australia, is the smallest continent.

  • The capital is Canberra. It even has it’s own territory!

  • The official name of the island is the Commonwealth of Aus-tralia. The continent was once under the control of Great Britain and was given that name. The first European discovery of the is-land was in 1606, by the Dutch. British people started to inhabit the land in 1788. Many settlers were prisoners sent to live there as punishment. The new people lived with the native population in peace for a short time, and then fighting over the land broke out.

  • The population is about 23 million people!

  • The currency is the Australian Dollar.

  • Weather in Australia includes all seasons. They may seem backwards compared to United States seasons, because winter is from June to August, spring is from September to November, summer is from December to February, and autumn is from March to May. In the north, there are two seasons.

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