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How does a seed grow a plant?

A lot of people are starting a vegetable or flower garden this time of year. Have you ever wondered how a plant grows from a seed that’s been planted? Germination takes place when a seed opens up and begins to grow the roots and the stalk of the plant.

When you purchase your seeds, they are dormant (sleeping) for a period of time and dry. When your seed is planted however, the process of germination begins. Germination only takes place if the conditions are favorable. Those conditions are water, oxygen and a suitable temperature. First, the seed gathers nutrients from the soil. Once the seeds soak in some water and it’s warm, they will begin to grow.

Cotyledons, or seed leaves, store food for the plant inside the seed. When the water seeps through the seed’s shell into the embryo, the seed begins to swell. It often splits the seed coating and with the absorption of oxygen by the seed, energy is made for growth. As the seed starts to germinate, the first thing that comes out of it is the main root...

Read more about how a seed grows into a plan in today’s Science Fun!

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