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I Want To Be An Arborist!

Do you like to climb trees? If climbing trees and taking care of the largest plants on earth sounds like fun, then a career in arboriculture is perfect for you!

Arborists are specialists who focus on the planting, care and maintenance of individual trees in order to improve tree health, growth and aesthetics. They know about the needs of a large variety of tree species and are trained with the proper techniques to take care of them.

Here’s some of the jobs they do:

• Identify trees. • Prune trees and shrubs to maintain health, appearance and ad-dress safety concerns. • Remove trees when necessary as a result of pests, disease, or other safety issues where saving the tree is not possible. • Plant trees that are specific to the location’s geography, geology, topography and climate. • Preform pest and disease management to help the trees survive. • Perform emergency tree care after natural disasters, such as limbs that have broken or trees are uprooted as a result of strong storms. • Modify, fertilize, and aerate soils to provide better tree growth...

Read more about what an Arborist does in today's What I Want To Be!

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