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St. Mary’s Pinckney Elementary

The students of St. Mary Catholic School worked with a group of parishioners to help bring medicine and homemade dolls to children in the Dominican Republic. Students collected vitamins and over the counter medicines for children in a preschool called El Chivo. This preschool is supported by a non-profit group called Building Bridges of Hope in cooperation with a Dominican group led by Dr. Angel Valdez Bdo called FUMSIL.

After a group of ladies from the parish sewed the dolls together, St.Mary students in grades eight, five and four gathered to stuff dolls that were sewn for the children of the El Chivo preschool. “Students worked together to stuff the dolls. They discovered that it was more work than they thought to get enough stuffing forfirm legs, arms, and bodies,” said eighth grade teacherLinda Mable

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Veronica Kinsey


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