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The Importance of Washing Your Hands

Have you ever heard your parent’s say, “Did you wash your hands?” This is a very common question that most kids have heard and it is an extremely important question to ask. Hand-washing is a great way to prevent infection and stop the spread of germs. It’s a simple habit to learn. Sometimes you do it without thinking and sometimes, we’re in such a hurry that it’s forgotten. Not good... Do you realize that if you wash your hand properly, it helps you to avoid being sick? Let’s explore this a little further.

Throughout the day, everyone accumulates germs on their hands from all types of surfaces like direct contact with people, contaminated surfaces, foods, animals, door knobs, telephones, toilets, and more. Everyone touches a lot of “things” everyday. If you don’t wash your hands regularly, you can infect yourself with these germs when you touch your eyes, mouth or nose.

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