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How water changes the earth's surface?

Almost 3/4’s of the Earth’s surface is covered by water! Water ex-ists on Earth as ice - a solid, as a liquid and as an invisible gas called water vapor. Water has the ability to change forms over and over again. Every living thing - plants, animals and people de-pend on water to live.

Liquid water evaporates from our oceans, lakes and streams. As the water vapor rises (or evaporates) into the air, it cools. Water vapor then condenses back into liquid water when it falls back to the Earth. We call that precipitation.

Some of the precipitation soaks into the soil. It becomes part of the groundwater. It may stay in the ground for hundreds of years. Some precipitation runs off and flows back into rivers, lakes, and oceans. As the water flows across the Earth’s surface, it makes channels or canyons. and the water moves the soil along with it. It deposits soil in new places and wears down the rocks. Water in rivers, lakes and oceans will change into water vapor again, continuing the cycle.

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