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Grand Duchy of Lexembourg

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world! It is a land-locked nation in Europe, bordering France, Germany, and Belgium. The total area is 2,586 square kilometers.

The capital of Luxembourg is also called Luxembourg! The population is over 602,000 people. The currency of Luxembourg is the Euro. Luxembourg is part of the European Union. Other countries in the European Union are Germany, France, Italy, and many more.

The government is a constitutional monarchy. Luxembourg is the only country in the world country to have a sovereign Grand Duchy. Luxembourg has an oceanic climate. There is lots of rain in the late summer. Public school in Luxembourg is taught in Luxembourgish first before the classes switch to German. In secondary school, French is used to deliver lessons. All students need to be proficient in the three languages in order to graduate.

There are many languages spoken in Luxembourg. Three languages are official there: Luxembourgish (which is commonly spoken), Ger-man, and French (used for business)...

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