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Interesting Place to See in Michigan!

Fisher Building The Fisher Building is one of the most recognizable elements of the Detroit skyline, because it is the tallest building in the New Center neighborhood. Built in 1928 of granite and marble, it stands 441 feet tall. It features an ornate art deco facade, frescoes and mosaics in the grand interior rotunda and arcade...

University Of Michigan Stadium Michigan Stadium is home to the University of Michigan Wolver-ines football team in Ann Arbor. It's the largest stadium of any kind in the United States, and has the ability to hold 109,901 specta-tors. The “Big House”, as it's known, was built in 1927 and...

Michigan State University’s Sparty In East Lansing, it's a toss-up whether Michigan State Univer-sity's greatest landmark is Beaumont Tower or the statue known as Sparty. Beaumont, a lovely brick carillon tower in the center of campus is the official symbol, but Sparty may receive more af-fection. Officially known as "The Spartan," Sparty is a bronze replica...

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