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The Gorilla

There are two different gorilla species (each with two sub-species). The Western Gorilla has the sub-species: Western Lowland Gorilla and Cross River Gorilla; while the Eastern Gorilla has the sub-species: Mountain Gorilla and Eastern Lowland Gorilla. The two species live in central Africa, separated by a vast swathe of rainforest.

Gorillas are considered the largest primate! The biggest species of go-rilla can weigh up to 450 pounds for males and 300 pounds for females. They are about 5’5” when standing upright. Gorillas use all of their limbs while they walk, a technique called “knuckle-walking”. Western sub-species look mostly grey, while the Eastern subspecies have a more black coat.

Gorillas are herbivores, which means they only eat plants! A majority of the gorilla’s day is spent eating bamboo, leafy plants and sometimes small insects. It isn’t uncommon for a male gorilla to eat up to 40 pounds of food! Gorillas also can make and use tools to help them retrieve food.

Mothers often only have one baby at a time, but some cases of twins have been documented. Mothers carry the baby gorilla against their chest...

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