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A Little History about Robert Smalls

By: Aqsa Khalil, 5th grade

Robert Smalls was born on April 5, 1839 in Beaufort, South Carolina. He was born a slave, and he was owned by a man named Henry McKee. Henry was fond of Robert and treated him well. One day, he decided that Robert should work other places in Beaufort, but Henry would still keep his hard-earned money. Eventually, Robert began to love the sea and found a job working on the docks and ships at the Port of Charleston. Overtime, he became an expert navigator on the Charleston Harbor. When he was seventeen years old, he fell in love and married a slave by the name of Hannah Jones. Hannah already had two daughters, and gave birth to one more. They were a slave family, but Robert planned their escape to the North on a stolen ship. Sadly, Robert Smalls died on February 23, 1915 in South Carolina.

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