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Did you know five important inventors are from Michigan?

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is famous for developing and manufacturing the first affordable automobile known as the Model T in 1908. Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863, on his family's farm in Dearborn, Michigan and lived in Michigan his entire life.

William Boeing

William Boeing lived from 1881 to 1956. Although he later moved to Seattle, Washington, he was born in Detroit. As the name might give it away, he was the man responsible for The Boeing Company.

Daniel Gerber

Daniel Gerber was born in 1898 in Fremont, Michigan. After serving in World War 1, he took a job working for his father at the Fremont Canning Company in 1920. By 1926, Gerber was promoted to General Manager. Upon settling down and starting a family, he had the idea to begin selling canned baby foods to alleviate time spent in the kitchen. With this idea, the Gerber Products Company was born.

William Hewlett

William Hewlett lived from 1913 to 2001. He was an engineer and the co-founder of the Hewlett Packard Company, also known as HP. William Hewlett was born in Ann Arbor and later moved to San Francisco, California. Hewlett-Packard, now famous world-wide, started out of William Hewlett's garage in Palo Altowith a capital investment of $538 and a Sears-Roebuck drill press.

Donald Keck

Donald Keck was born in Lansing. He was born on January 2, 1941. Keck entered Michigan State University with plans on becoming and engineer until he was persuaded by family to study physics. After receiving his Ph.D. he moved to New York where he, and two of his colleagues, invented special optical fibers. Today, fiber optics is usedin a wide range of communication equipment because it is much more efficient than metal wire.

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