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Animals Native to Estonia

The Common Crane is the only species of cranes in Estonia. It is a large grey bird that has black patches of skin without feathers and some red patches on the back of the head. There is a white band on both sides of it’s head and neck. The bill is greenish brown and it’s legs are black.

When the Common Crane flies, it stretches it’s neck forward. It also never lands in trees! Cranes feed on plants, berries, stalks, small animals, frogs, snakes, insects and more. They migrate to North Africa during the winter. Cranes fly in a triangle formation. The length of their wingspan is about eight feet. They return to their familiar nesting places in the spring.The crane makes it’s nest in open dry land. It lines a small cavity with straws. They do this in the open be-cause it’s warmer for the young and easier to see danger. The female hatches the eggs after about a month. When the young begin to fly, they look for food together with their parents, but continue to spend nights in the nest...

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