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Ice Skating is a fun winter activity!

Did you know that humans have been skating for thousands of years? The first skates were made from animal bones and attached to the feet with leather straps. People used skates as a way of crossing frozen lakes and rivers in the winter. In the 1850’s, figure skating began. Skaters started trying various spins and jumps on the ice. The first World Figure Skating Championships for men were held in 1896 in Russia. The first World Figure Skating Championships for women were held in Switzerland in 1906.

Ice skating is a popular sport and thanks to indoor rinks, it can be enjoyed year round. As a competitive sport, skating includes figure skating, pair skating, speed skating, ice dancing, and ice hockey. So, one of the interesting concepts of skating is that it can be done alone, in pairs or on teams. Ice skating can be enjoyed at the ice rink or on a safe, frozen and approved body of water. Always check with your parent to make sure where you skate is safe.

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