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Gratitude Turkey

As part of Herbison Woods character traits lessons, the focus of November was gratitude. Students hear morning messages with a focus on why it's important to express gratitude, and different ways to show it. Each class created a "Gratitude turkey", in which each student created a feather to write what he/she is grateful for.

Cross Country Club

The Herbison Woods Cross Country Club enjoyed after school running opportunities on Tuesdays throughout September and October. Athletes were able to participate in a variety of conditioning exercises that allowed success for all, no matter their prior running experience. Runners explored the grounds of DeWitt Schools by training on the cross country course near DeWitt High School, the trails of the DeWitt Nature Center by Herbison Woods Elementary, the football stadium and track, as well as areas in between. Student-athletes are already looking forward to future cross country opportunities in the spring!

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