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The Edmund Fitzgerald

The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was an American Great Lakes freighter. She was built by Great Lakes Engineering in River Rouge, Michigan. When she was launched on June 8, 1958, she was the largest ship on North America’s Great Lakes at that time and she remains the largest to have sunk there.For seventeen years, the Fitzgerald carried taconite iron ore from mines near Duluth, Minnesota to iron works in Detroit, Toledo and other Great Lakes ports. She set seasonal haul records six times.One of her captains, Peter Pulcer was known for playing music day or night over the ship’s intercom system while passing through the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers (between Lakes Huron and Erie). He also entertained spectators at the SooLocks with a commentary about the ship!

The Fitzgerald was 729 feet in overall length. She could carry 25,400 tons of cargo and go at 14 knots or about 16 miles per hour. She had a crew of 29.

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