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Bundle Up So You Don't Catch Cold!

We hear that sentence quite often during the colder months. Everyone seems to get a cold at some point or another during the school year in spite of all the precautions. Did you know that the cold is the number one reason kids stay home from school?

What exactly is a cold? A cold is an infection of the upper respiratory system caused by a virus. It affects the throat, ears and nose. The most common cold virus is called the rhinovirus (pronounced rahy-noh-vahy-ruhs) but there are more than two hundred other viruses that can cause a cold. There is not even a vaccination to prevent the common cold yet. But luckily for us, our immune system defends our bodies against illnesses. White blood cells are the body’s fighters that work to help you feel better.

Catching a cold is easy but not fun. Mucus is the slimy stuff that’s inside the nose. When a person sneezes or coughs, mucus drops float in the air. Breathing in these drops can spread a cold from one person to another...

In today's Spotlight On Health, read about symptoms of the common cold and ways you can prevent catching one.

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