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What kid doesn’t love to run, jump, bounce, hop, climb, swing or FLIP? Gymnastics is one sport that makes exer-cising FUN! Whether it is tumbling on mats, balancing on a beam, swinging on a bar, bouncing on a trampoline or climbing high on a rope, gymnastics has something for all kids who love to exercise.

Gymnastics as a sport is one of the most popular of all Olympic sports. During the Olympics many people watch gymnastics. Boys gymnastics has 6 different events (High Bar, Vault, Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, and Rings). Girls use 4 different events (Floor, Balance Beam, Vault and Uneven Par-allel Bars). Gymnastics is a fun sport to watch BUT it is even more enjoyable to DO!

In today's Sports and Fitness, read more about gymnastics and how to enjoy this fun sport with proper safety!

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