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Domestic Cats

Many people have a pet cat or know someone who does! This special pet comes in all sorts of breeds and colors. Some are long-haired and some are short-haired, and some have no hair at all!Their fur can be different colors or just one, but it usually depends on the breed. The most common breed in America is the American Short hair.

Cats normally weigh between 7-15 pounds, and the heaviest cat ever recorded was named Himmy and weighed 46 pounds! Overweight cats often have a variety of health problems, so it is very important to feed cats a proper diet. Indoor cats typically eat cat food, which is a blend of nutrients that cats need. Outdoor and feral cats hunt small animals like birds, mice, rats, and even small rabbits!

Cats love to play! Playing with small toys and string resembles hunting, and they love to practice and improve on their hunting skills. They also will play by fighting with both humans and other cats.

Read on and learn more about the Domestic Cats in today's Visit the Wildside!

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