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Down On The Farm

The Amazing Apple!

Where do apples come from? How do they grow? Let’s take a trip to an apple orchard and find out!

On the farm, apples come from apple trees, where their buds were formed a full year before they are picked. During the winter, these fruit buds are dormant (rest-ing) and waiting for spring. As the weather warms in the spring, the leaves and flowers begin to slowly open until the apple trees are covered in white and pink blossoms. The apple blossoms smell so sweet that bees visit them looking to gather nectar to make honey. As they fly from tree to tree and flower to flower, their feet get covered in a dusty sub-stance from the apple blossoms called pollen. When they fly and land, the pollen falls on new flowers and this process allows the blossoms to be pollinated and grow into apples.

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