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Middle Ground!


There are lots of fascinating and crucial roles that science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) can prepare you for. You can improve the world around you and even the future of the planet. Whatever career path you decide, you'll keep your options open by studying STEM-subjects that focus on the skill set of HOW to learn. Learn how to learn and you'll be capable of absorbing more information easily. This is the best chance for success in life! Doors will open to greater opportunity over your lifetime and the world will be yours.

Empower yourself to make good decisions in your private life with STEM skills - be it decisions about vaccinations, mobile phone masts or climate change. Adults who lack basic science and math skills risk being cheated and making bad decisions. STEM education creates critical thinkers and enables innovators – which leads to new products and improved processes.

Math is helpful for implementing logic, analytical reading of texts, arguing, validating and correcting an approach, organization, data management, running a business, and more. Science and tech can help you with creativity, analytical research, and understanding our unpredictable, complex world.

You don't have to be a natural to pursue a degree in STEM. Finance, teaching, marketing, patent law, photography, art restoration, media and film production, food technology, professional hacking, ride engineers, gemology, and more all build on the skills gained from studying science and maths to some extent.

Examples of cool STEM-related jobs are all around us in our every day lives. Dream big and love what you do!

Watch this short video on STEM careers and then continue reading today's Middle Ground! to learn about different STEM professions that help you every day!

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