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Middle Ground!


As you conclude your the school year and prepare to enjoy your summer vacation, try out these great apps to have some fun, productive screen time and stay STEM sharp!

Simple Machines

Explore the playful side of physics and discover how machines work by conducting your own experiments. The app also offers a free handbook download for better understanding of the concepts.

Tinkercad / Blokify

These 3D design apps encourages creativity in 3D printing, skills used in computer aided design (CAD). Users build with cubes so it’s a lot like creating with LEGOs or in Minecraft.

Scratch Jr. / The Robot Factory

Learn to solve problems and design projects. Program your own interactive stories and games with characters that can move, jump, dance, and sing. Or design your own bot and test its ability to move, jump, and avoid obstacles in the physics-based obstacle course.

Learn more about these and other summer STEM activities in today's Middle Ground.

Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

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