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What I Want To Be

I Want To Be A Geoscientist!

Are you curious about the Earth that surrounds you? A geoscientist studies the Earth. There are many kids of geoscientists. A geologist studies the Earth’s rocks. A seismologist studies earthquakes. Volcanologists study volcanoes. Paleontologists study fossils. Do you know what fossils are? They are the remains of things that lived long ago such as dinosaurs. Fossils tell scientists how life on Earth has changed over time. Some geoscientists look for oil or minerals. Some make maps of rock layers, minerals or groundwater. Some study the history of the Earth. Some geoscientists also work to take care of the environment.

Think about what kind of geoscientist you would like to be in today's What I Want To Be!

Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

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