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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural celebration that happens annually on March 17 to honor the most commonly-recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. While it is a national holiday in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has also become a popular holiday in the United States. Most people, whether they are Irish or not, wear green on this day. One of the Irish traditions is to pinch anyone who is not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day! Corned beef and cabbage are traditional Irish foods often eaten today. The shamrock, also associated with St. Patrick’s Day, is worn by many Irish people as a badge on the lapel. Three is Ireland’s magic number and the three petals that make up the shamrock are supposed to bring good luck!

In today’s special Puzzle Fun enjoy St. Patrick’s Day games, including seven Irish differences and the leprechaun maze. Have a great Saint Patrick's Day weekend!

Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

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