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The piano is a very important part of music. Many musical notes do not seem possible without it and many notes sound better on the piano. The piano can play all types of music from classical to rock and roll. It can also be played solo or with other instruments, so it is very versatile.

There is some disagreement on when the first modern style piano was built. Most say the modern style piano (or piano et forte, meaning soft and loud) was probably built by the Italian, Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1709. It was described as a harpsichord with both soft and loud!

The difference between the harpsichords that came before and the piano was the way the strings sounded. Inside the piano the strings are tightened into tune. A grand piano, for instance, looks like a harp when on it’s side. Modern style pianos use hammers to pluck the string. When you touch the keyboard, the hammer hits the string which affects the sound of the note. If you stroke the key gently, the sound will be soft. If you use a heavy touch on the key, the sound will be much louder!

Learn more about the piano in today’s All About Music!

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