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Let's Make It!

Salt Dough Heart Pins & Magnets

Salt dough is a really fun medium and you can make so many things from it! Try making adorable heart-shaped magnets for the refrigerator and pins to give as gifts. You can also make 3D polka dots!

This activity involves the use of a glue gun. Parents: Do not allow small children to handle a glue gun as burns can occur. Older children should be closely supervised if allowed to handle it themselves.

Paper Plate Heart Wreath

Grown ups know a million magical things that we don't always consider so magical once we're grown ups. One of these things is how to cut lovely little hearts out of construction paper. This is the perfect project for sharing that skill with your kids.

Read today's Let's Make It! to learn the materials you will need and steps to make these fun projects! Have fun!

Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

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