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Donkeys are from the class of animals called mammals. People are mammals too! Mammals feed their young babies milk, most have hair and grow special teeth to eat. Domestic donkeys are widely distributed and can be found almost everywhere in the world. However, true wild donkeys originated in the hilly, deserts of northern Africa and the Arabian peninsula and are well adapted for life in the desert. Domestic donkeys prefer warm, dry climates.

Donkeys are smaller than horses, but are more surefooted, meaning that they tend not to trip or fall in rocky and mountainous areas. They also are characterized by their large head, long ears and cow-like tail. Donkeys usually have a gray coat, but some have brown or red-ish hair.

Donkeys are very strong and can help carry people and heavy things from one place to another. A small type of donkey is called a burro.

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