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Middle Ground!


Preparing to take a test is more about mental preparation than it is about studying or cramming. Manage your anxiety first. You must get into the 'zone' where your mental engine will run at full capacity.

Unfortunately an overwhelmed brain actually shuts down thinking and will favor a fight-or-flight intensity. Try as you might, your body just will not let you hear new information while in this state of being. The only way to be able to learn and hear reason is to de-escalate.

Use a meditation moment to put your self in the best frame of mind before studying. It's simple - set a timer for one minute. Concentrate your focus on your breath or on a word that represents you how want to feel, like calm or smart. Your mind will wander, but don't give up until the time is up.

Learn more about preparing for brain for taking tests or other important activities in today's Middle Ground.

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