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Snow Day Activity: Snowman in a bag!

It's another snow (cold) day for most schools, so here's a fun activity for kiddos to do inside!

Who doesn't love building a snowman?! Now you can give the gift of snowman building and there is absolutely no snow required! This activity can also double as a quiet time activity in church or doctors offices!

Here’s what you’ll need: -felt in various colors (white, red, black/brown, gray, green, yellow, blue)

-1 sheet of blue stiffened felt (sold in sheets at craft stores)


-Hot glue gun

–Snowman template (printed, preferably on cardstock)

-Gallon-sized baggies

–Labels for bags

1. Print out the template. Cut out the pieces. You don't have to use everything, but at least use the snowman’s body and the hat.

2. Lay the templates on the felt. Trace and cut.

3. Use the hot glue gun to glue any necessary pieces together.

4. Cut the blue piece of stiffened felt so that it will fit inside a gallon-size baggie. Lay all the pieces on the blue felt and put inside the bag!

Here are a few silly snowman combinations:


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