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H. T. Smith Elementary

Hat for Heroes

When the students at HT Smith Elementary in Fowlerville heard about the courageous and hardworking California firefighters who bravely fought the Camp Fire fire, they immediately wanted to help. We knew that even though we lived far away, we could still make a difference! We wanted to raise funds for the firefighters who worked 24 hours shifts and for those who lost their own homes.

Students made posters and wrote announcements to spread the word about our "Hats For Heroes" day on Monday, December 10. Everyone who brought in a quarter to donate was able to wear a hat for the day! A total of $193.69 was raised and was sent to The International Association of Fire Fighters! For more info on how you can help, please visit https://foundation.iaff.org.

We would like to thank ALL firefighters, police, and first responders for being our heroes, each and every day.

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