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St. Mary’s Pinckney Elementary

Students Have Lovingly Created 8,000 Rosaries

Students at St. Mary Catholic School in Pinckney are marking the 15th year of student rosary making. A Holy Rosary is a string of knots and beads used to count component prayers of the Holy Rosary, an important tool used to help meditate on the life of Jesus in the Catholic faith.

The tradition began in 2003 when former Teacher’s Aid Sarah Salvatore was asked by a few students to teach them how to make a rosary. That simple request has turned into a yearly tradition and service project, involving the fourth grade class. Over the years, St. Mary fourth graders have created more than 8,000 rosaries, enough to supply three to every person residing in Pinckney.

For the past seven years, teaching rosary making has been in the capable hands of volunteer Lisa Wack, parent of two St. Mary alumni. “It’s a lot of fun teaching the kids rosary-making,” said Wack. “After a few weeks of practice, they become quite good at it. The students are very excited to make the rosaries and be a part of sharing this special gift of prayer with so many people. Each year I am amazed at the many different color combinations they come up with.”

“And if each year’s class can beat the record for most rosaries made, that’s great, but their focus is on doing their best to make them with quality vs. quantity.”

There is usually an end-of-year treat to celebrate their achievement.

Rosaries made by St. Mary students are donated to missionaries, hospitals, funeral homes, local migrant farms, and home-bound Catholics through St. Mary Parish’s Rosary Altar Society.

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