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St. Gerard Catholic School

St. Gerard Catholic School's theme for the 2018-19 is "Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord". While it does have to do with the song, it really has to do with opening our eyes to one another and to truly "spread kindness". Each month a class or two will be sharing how they chose to spread kindness. Take a look at how our second graders "opened their eyes"!

The Second Graders put together a friendly book for our custodian, Mr. Gary. Mr. Gard is always giving us nice smiles and hellos and we wanted him to know that we appreciate him being at our school. We thought he was a person that might go unnoticed, since mostly he’s here after school and we wanted to brighten his day. We also wrote letters to Mrs. Fedewa. She cleans the church every Monday morning bright and early. We are so lucky to be able to worship in such a nice, clean church. Thank you Mr. Gary and Mrs. Fedewa!

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