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The Pallas

The Pallas cat is also called the manul. They live throughout Central Asia, and prefer cold climates and high elevations. They are short and have long hair - making them look very soft! They appear to be bigger and heavier than they actually are due to their stocky builds and long coats. Don’t be fooled though, the Pallas cat is actually about the same size as a domestic house cat without all that hair! In reality, they measure up to 26 inches in body length (with an 8 to 12 inch tail) and weigh only around 10 pounds.

The Pallas cat has the longest and densest fur of any cat! Depending on the season, it can be different colors. In the winter, it turns to a grey, uniform color. In the warmer months, their fur turns to a brown color with different stripes and rings! Their fur looks glossy and frosted due to their hair having white tips.

Read on and learn more about Pallas Cats in today's Visit the Wildside!

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