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Why Do Evergreens Stay Green All Year Round?

Evergreen trees - also known as conifers (because of the cones that hold their seeds) include spruce, fir and pine trees. Unlike deciduous trees which lose all of their leaves at the same time, evergreens do not. They are able to make new leaves before the old ones fall off. Some evergreens can keep their leaves a few years before they fall off!

Evergreens have adapted to live in climates where there may be limited annual sunshine and/or available water. They thrive in cold climates. Their leaves have adapted to make the most of this. The evergreen leaves look like needles. Botanists discovered that the needles are actually regular leaves that are rolled up very tightly. This shape allows the evergreen to conserve water. They also have a very waxy coating that helps save water during the summer and winter months.

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