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Northwest Elementary (Howell Schools)

The second graders at Northwest Elementary in Howell completed their writing research project just before summer vacation. Students illustrated, researched, and created QR codes for 15 historical landmarks. They framed their work and hung it around Howell so the whole community can learn about the history of our town "through the eyes of a second grader."

Students researched all of these landmarks:

  • Indian Trail

  • Thompson Lake

  • Courthouse

  • Peanut Row

  • Depot Museum

  • Library

  • McPherson family

  • McPherson hospital

  • One room schoolhouse

  • All Saints Chapel

  • Opera House

  • First National Bank

  • Indian Tree

  • National Hotel

  • Post Office

Students also created passports with First Impression and are hoping to use them as a fundraiser next year. The passports include the illustration of the landmark and a QR code so you can listen to the history of our terrific town.

Northwest second graders worked really hard to bring Howell History to life! Now we want to share their knowledge with the community!

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