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Shepherd of the Lakes Elementary News

Spring time is full of growth at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School. Students are growing academically, socially, and spiritually!

The eighth grade students let chapel with their story of the Prodigal Son.

V is for volcano in prekindergarten at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School.

Makenzi checks out the map of Michigan in Michigan History.

Eighth grader Adeline Schutz set a school record by memorizing 279 digits of pi. Pi is an irregular number so the digits have no pattern.

Shepherd of the Lakes students were proud to display their art at the Howell Opera House for the Got Art exhibition.

It was a great season of girls basketball. This was the last season that SOTL will play their home games in other gyms. SOTL’s very own gym will be built by August 2018.

The pep band plays to support the JV girls basketball team. Girls from the varsity team played in the pep band, too!

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