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Exploring Under Water

Sea urchins are round and spiky creatures that hang out on the bottom of the ocean floor, and can be found in both shallow and deep waters. Sometimes sea urchins' spikes are soft and chalk like, while other times, they are hard and covered by a shell-like structure. With more than 200 types of sea urchins, there are many different sizes and shapes of sea urchin species. The shape and spikes of the sea urchin help it to move about the ocean floor while defending itself from predators and gathering food. With an almost porcupine-like structure and spine, the sea urchin is a unique and interesting looking sea creature! Sea urchins come in a range of sizes, while some are tiny, at only 1.2 inches around. Others may be 3.9 inches in diameter. There are different species of sea urchins and they come in various colors including black, brown, red, green and purple. The five rows of feet that also serve as "suckers" are located on the underside of the sea urchin. The rows of feet are important because they allow sea urchin to move around the ocean floor while also gathering up food.

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