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Greyhound Central Elementary (Eaton Rapids)

Students at Greyhound Central Elementary celebrated the 100th day of school on February 13th! There were a variety of activities occurring throughout the school. In Mrs. Miller’s developmental kindergarten class some of those activities included:

  • Jumping through a giant 100 as students arrived at school and everyone received a 100’s day sticker as they went through

  • Popping 100 balloons without using their hands and feet

  • Searching for 100 hidden Hershey kisses. Each one had a number on the bottom of it and students had to place them on the corresponding number of the 100’s chart

  • Making 3D structures using mini marshmallows and toothpicks

  • Graphing how many licks it took to before they bit a sucker

  • Pokey Pinning the # 100 (using a push pin to trace the number 100)

  • Using 100 Dixie cups to build various structures

  • Making shakers with 100 items in them and learning a song to use the shakers with

  • Wearing balloon hats

  • Students and their families worked together counting 100 items and developed a creative way to display them

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