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Oakview Elementary Supports Marines in Afghanistan!

The Student Council at Oakview Elementary School in St. Johns, recently held a food drive to support our US Marines in Afghanistan. There is a unit in a remote area that does not have a "chow hall." That means there is no way to prepare meals for the Marines, and they are eating Meals Ready to Eat, known as MRE's. This unit was supposed to be in that area for eight weeks, and while MRE's are great for a short term like that, they are not known to be very tasty. However, the unit was told they would be staying in that remote area for an additional 12 weeks!

The Student Council organized a food drive to collect non-perishable items such as canned tuna, chicken, and vegetables, along with fruit cups, beef jerky, rice, and ramen noodles. Many families also donated extra items like spices and drink mixes. These will help the Marines make their MRE's more tasty and offer them more nutrition to add to the food they are provided.

The student council was hoping to be able to send 10 boxes of food, but with the amount of food donated, they were able to ship out 24 boxes on March 1st!

And it wasn’t just students…the whole community got involved! The St. Johns Kroger donated a large amount of tuna, vegetables, fruit, and beef jerky. Families also donated money to help defray the cost of shipping. The PTO matched those donations. Two other staff members donated money to cover a box each. In total, $285 was raised for shipping; the rest was made up by Student council funds.

This project was especially important to the students at Oakview, as one of those Marines is the son of a teacher in the school. Thank you to all the students and members of the community who participated in this important project!

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