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Let's Make It!

Create "Heart Art" Animals!

Everyone can learn to draw. Learning to draw is mainly learning to see shapes. Here is a fun way to practice training your eye to see shapes. Choose a shape to focus on such as a circle or oval. Begin experimenting with using different sizes of your shape to construct familiar things like faces, flowers or animals. Adding a few additional shapes may be necessary, but try to mostly use the shape you have chosen.

In today's activity, we have selected the heart shape to create animals, however, you will see that some circles and a few other shapes were added.

Practice creating heart animals by cutting shapes out with paper or by simply drawing shapes on paper. Have fun creating these animals using many colors and different sizes of hearts. Try designing your own animals too!

Create your own "Heart Art" Animals in today's Let's Make It!

Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

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