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Along with nearly 2,300 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod preschools, elementary schools, and high schools, Shepherd of the Lakes (SOTL) Lutheran School recognized National Lutheran schools Week. SOTL celebrated the opportunity to provide an excellent academic education and the opportunity to share Jesus’ amazing love with students and their families. Students enjoyed special dress up days, the Storm Olympics each day, connections with other classes, and a joyous chapel service.

The seven eighth grade girls dressed up as the seven dwarfs, and the eighth grade homeroom teacher (not pictured) was Snow White.

On class theme day, the seventh graders dressed as bees. Their classroom has a bee theme, and students are researching bees this year.

Ethan Spivey did his best to catch cheese puffs on his head in his Storm Olympics event.

Erica Geisler uses her toes to search the spaghetti to find all the marbles in her Storm Olympic event.

Even the principal, Mrs. VanDeven, one of the pastors, Pastor Milatz, and the middle school English teacher, Mrs. Farney, participated in the daily Storm Olympics. These three combined to get the most potatoes in the bucket.

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