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Let's Make It!

The eyes of an artist see the world in a special way. They may be interested in the way the sun casts shadows on the morning grass or intrigued by the wide range of colors in a sunset. The scope of an artist eye can take many views. From a mountain top, an artist has an enormous view. Up close, an artist may zoom into an object to see a magnified detail. Artists can use their “Art Eyeglasses” to observe the tiny details of a common item usually gone unnoticed. The next time you are outside, explore with your Art Eyeglasses by picking up a seed pod, a branch or berries covered with snow. Let your eyes zoom in and look at the texture, the color variation, or the fascinating lines. You will discover a tiny world that few really take the time to see.

In today's Let's Make It!, learn how to put on your "Art Eyeglasses" and draw ZOOM art!

Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

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