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The Perfect Pumpkin

It’s that time of the year again to go in search of the Great Pumpkin. Have you ever wondered how your pumpkin grew? Gather your family and let’s head to your favorite pumpkin patch and find out. Your pumpkin’s life started a few months ago. The farmer had to carefully choose the spot for planting the patch - a large area with sunshine. Sometime after the earth had warmed from the winter and the mornings were no longer frosty in late May and early June, the pumpkin seeds were planted into the dark, rich soil. The sun continued to warm the earth and rain fell on the land. Deep in the soil, the pumpkin seed grew roots and leaves began to appear out of the dirt. The leaves grew large and after five weeks, the first flowers appeared. It contained two kinds of flowers, a male and a female flower. The male flower had a stamen in the center that contained the pollen. The female flower had a baby pumpkin at its base. The pumpkin’s fine big bright yellow flowers attracted many insects. They would come often to visit the flowers and as they walked from the male flower to the female flower, pollination occurred...

Learn more about The Perfect Pumpkin in today’s Down On The Farm!

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