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Dolphins live in the shallow seas of the continental shelves worldwide. Five species of dolphins live in rivers! You may have seen a dolphin while swimming on an ocean beach! There are actually 40 different types of dolphins which include the common bottlenose dolphin and the orca.

Dolphins usually are grey with a darker back. The different types of dolphins vary in size. The biggest dolphin is the orca, and is about 25 feet long and 19,000 pounds! The smallest dolphin is Maui’s dolphin, which is only about 4 feet long and weighs around 90 pounds. The bottlenose dolphin averages 8 feet long and weighs between 440 and 660 pounds.

Dolphins usually live in groups of five to several hundred but have just one offspring at a time. The offspring stays with its mother for 3 to 8 years!

Read more about dolphins in today’s Visit the Wildside!

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