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Did you know that Michigan has over 120 lighthouses and life-saving stations, more than any other state? Lighthouses were built on the shores of Michigan has early as 1824 to help protect ships from the dangers along the waterways. Keeping lighthouses shinning was not an easy task in the early days. A man called a “lighthouse keeper” would live in a house connected to the tall lighthouse structure. His job was to maintain the lighthouse and to light the lamp at sun-setting and to keep it shinning until the sun rose in the morning. Lighthouses are similar in appearance, but just as people, each have a distinctive look. Some are round, square, stone and metal. Every lighthouse is painted and built uniquely.

In today’s Let’s Make It, learn to draw one of Michigan’s most famous lighthouses, the White Shoal Lighthouse!

Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

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