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Let's Make a Fort !

School is out and that means it's officially summer! Yay!

Do you have plans for this summer? What do you like to do with your unstructured time? Whether you like to play indoors or outdoors, making a fort can be a fun thing to do that also gives you a place of your own to spend time or work on projects!

There are so many kinds of forts that you could make! You could use couch

cushions, tables, chairs, or even an umbrella to create and indoor fort. If you have a

duvet cover or some large sheets, you can use a fan to fill the inside with air and make

a pod fort! With just some tightly rolled newspapers and masking tape, you can make all sorts of geometric structures.

If you have some outdoor space, you could try using trees or rope to make a tent, or get

creative with some cardboard boxes to create a structure!

Don’t be afraid of Trial and Error— if it doesn’t work out this time, you will have good

information on what to do next time to make it better! Use your imagination and engineer’s brain to problem solve your way to your own unique space that you can enjoy all summer— or try a different kind of structure each time!

Click HERE to download this activity as a printable PDF.

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